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Welcome to Norah Speaks speech-language pathology page!

Hello speech-language pathology community! 

My name is Norah and I am a second-year graduate speech-language pathology student! Here, I compile all my speech-language pathology content! I’m currently interested in working with the older adult population within speech-language pathology. 

I have blog posts, videos, and digital products! I even host a research education podcast called The Scholarly SLP! Click here to learn about getting extra content with The Scholarly SLP.

My speech-language pathology digital product store, The SLP Survival Store, is opening on July 15th! 

The store will include: 

  • Data Collection Sheets

  • Learning Guides
  • Therapy Room Decorations 

  • Teletherapy Powerpoints

  • Session Plans

  • Dysphagia Review Guides

  • Cultural Consideration Guides

  • Social Scripts

  • and much, much more!!

How will Norah Speaks help students studying speech-language pathology?

 Are you an SLP student? Learn how to apply to SLP graduate programs here. 

As a speech-language pathology student, I aim to serve people experiencing racism, discrimination and inequity in healthcare access and quality. 

The way our healthcare system is structured does not give people equal access to the care they need and deserve. 

Everyone deserves the right to communicate and eat, which is why I am in this field. 

To ensure that my patients are receiving that care. 

One example of my work: 

As an SLP undergraduate student I did research on Older Adults with Autism and The Effect on Mental Health. Check it out here.

Here’s an excerpt of my blog post on applying to graduate schools for speech-language pathology:

Ooh, the personal statement- so daunting, and probably the part everyone is wondering about. I’m going to be straight here, this can honestly be the difference between getting in or not getting into your dream school. So put the effort in. If you are worried about grades and scores, pour yourself into this essay and why you’re in this field. And tell your story! Why should they pick you, and why do you belong. Grad Schools are competitive, but really looking for passionate people. People who are ready to learn, show empathy, and are capable of making mistakes and learning from them. 

When you’re accepted, deciding where to go is the hardest part! I never envisioned where I would go during the application process. I was overwhelmed. It came down to the last day, and I thought I had decided! I went back and forth, but in the end committed to the right school. My parents were a big asset. 

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